dinsdag 15 februari 2011

Game review: Farmville

I told you, reviews of all sorts of games. So here is one from an online flash game.

Farmville is a game where you have to manage a farm. Yes it's as boring as it sounds.
To start: there is absolutely no action. Really, nothing. All you have to do is click squares. You got this piece of land and you can do whatever you want to do with it. If you want to level up you better put some squares of crops on that land. This will kill your mind. You click the squares to plow them, then you have to click all of them again to plant something on it. Now you do nothing, just wait. After a while they are done. And the clicking starts again. It's a downwards spiral. When you've earned enough money with this bullshit you can even expand your farm and click even more squares!
But wait there is more! You can also have animals, trees and othere useless stuff on your farm. They do absolutely nothing, once in a while you click them and they give a little bit of money.

If this isn't boring enough for you you can add your friends as neighbours, and do the same shit on their farm. They will also send you gifts. Gifts you don't fucking need and spam your email inbox.

Final conclusion: only play this when you really, I repeat REALY to much free time on your hands and like fucking boring shit that wastes your time.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. farmville!? pfff.... try Hemp Tycoon on adultswim.com

    THATS a "farmin" sim with at least a fun theme >:3

  2. Farmville! Facebook app actually love it!

  3. Omg so many people I know are addicted to this!


  4. Cityville > Farmville, but the best facebook game is THE MOTHERFUCKING OREGON TRAIL, BITCHES!!

  5. I never got into any facebook games. Also your posts could use a bit of proofreading

  6. i hate that game, farmville is so boring. but i love harvest moon

  7. Yeah, I played Farmville like everyone else for about a month and then realized that staring at the wall is more fun.