woensdag 23 februari 2011

Animation update, stop motion scene 1

Here is the first scene of the animation I told you about earlyer.
We decided to use stop motion instead of flash, the second scene is part stop motion part flash. But I wont upload that one untill tomorrow.

maandag 21 februari 2011

zaterdag 19 februari 2011


I haven't posted anything in a few days because of three things:
1. I have been verry busy with college.
2. Trying to get a new job(I have a trialshift tonight!)
3. The most important one: I have absolutely no inspiration.

Please comment a random word so I can come up with a new comic!

dinsdag 15 februari 2011

Game review: Farmville

I told you, reviews of all sorts of games. So here is one from an online flash game.

Farmville is a game where you have to manage a farm. Yes it's as boring as it sounds.
To start: there is absolutely no action. Really, nothing. All you have to do is click squares. You got this piece of land and you can do whatever you want to do with it. If you want to level up you better put some squares of crops on that land. This will kill your mind. You click the squares to plow them, then you have to click all of them again to plant something on it. Now you do nothing, just wait. After a while they are done. And the clicking starts again. It's a downwards spiral. When you've earned enough money with this bullshit you can even expand your farm and click even more squares!
But wait there is more! You can also have animals, trees and othere useless stuff on your farm. They do absolutely nothing, once in a while you click them and they give a little bit of money.

If this isn't boring enough for you you can add your friends as neighbours, and do the same shit on their farm. They will also send you gifts. Gifts you don't fucking need and spam your email inbox.

Final conclusion: only play this when you really, I repeat REALY to much free time on your hands and like fucking boring shit that wastes your time.

vrijdag 11 februari 2011

REVIEW!!! Super Ghouls 'n' Ghosts on SNES

If you are one of those guys/girls who still have their old super nintendo, to much free time and nothing to do? Get this great game!

The story is simple: you are a knight who has to save the princess. While on your way everybody is out to kill you.
The game is fun but this makes it very hard, well the first few levels that is. The further you get the easier it gets and the levels are shorter. Sure there are more bosses but the only boss that's hard to beat is the last one. And besides, the bosses are the easiest compared to the levels. If the damage system was different this wasn't a problem. You start of as a knight with iron armour, every time you get a new suit of armour or shield it upgrades. But if you hit an enemy once, you end up in your underwear even when you have the best armour there is. And when you're hit while in your underwear it's over.
Second factor that makes the game difficult are the weapons, there are 7 but only 1 is good 1 decent and one is only decent when you have the upgraded version which is very unlikely.

While playing you'll get used to this. You'll be very careful not to get hit and learn where the secret armor is. The gameplay is great, the only thing I miss is controlled jumping. You can do a double jump but there is only one distance that can be covered by a jump, not bigger or smaller. This is really annoying if you are stuck in the lava on the third level and try to jump on the really tiny platforms to get out.

The game starts at a forest, the hardest level. There are endless enemies and a because this is the first level, you don't know what to expect. After the forest you go to the sea level, followed by the lava level.
After this a level that reminded me of the flood in halo. Then there are a few levels in a castle, the easiest part of the game. But the bosses are harder to beat. In the second last level you have to beat a giant owl that actually aims good when you shoots back. In the last level it's the same owl, only better at shooting and you have to kill him twice. 4 hours after you started you finally beat him and won the game. But while you read the ending message you realise the game didn't end yet. You have to play all the levels again.
When the screen showed level one again I noticed something different, there were zombies spawning in the sky. Guess what, after 4 hours of playing I have to beat it again, on a higher difficulty. I have to admit I didn't do it. When I saw I had to do it again I turned it off. The game is fun, but that's too long.

donderdag 10 februari 2011

No review today :(

Sorry guys, I promised you a review tonight but I couldn't make one. It will be here tomorrow I promise!