dinsdag 8 februari 2011

Animation, games and Jason the Epic

Just a quick update about my blogs content.

As you may have seen the only entries are a test and a blog about my day.
I want to make my blog more interesting so I am going to post a few other things as well.
Those things are: game reviews of the games I play. This can be any game from SNES to online flash games.
The second one. When I was in 6th grade I used to draw comics about a stick figure with a red baseball cap, I called him squwacky. Now, 7 years later I decided to make those comics again but this time name the character Jason the Epic.
Since you are all interested in my flash animation I'll keep you updated about stuff like that as well.
And also when I want to share something else interesting, you'll see it.

Because I'm kinda busy today the first comic will probably be released tomorrow or maybe tonight.
The first game review will be published on my blog on Thursday.

17 opmerkingen:

  1. I'll be sure to come back for the review!


  2. looking forward to some snes reviews hopefuly

  3. Ill be coming back for the real full thing

  4. I recommend mixing old games vs new games, to keep things fresh. Anyway, looking forward to see what you do.

  5. sounds great. i'd love to see your comics

  6. If you come out with snes reviews i will be so happy.

  7. I could definitely enjoy some comics, especially if you're good. Looking forward to them. :)